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Get Visitors Addicted to your Mall!

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Learn how successful shopping centers are using loyalty programs and gifts to increase traffic and sales.

If you have been following our news since the beginning of the pandemic, you might have seen the growing trend among shopping centers that they are making more effort to connect with their visitors through loyalty programs, events, and gift giveaways.

The rapid rise of online retail is pushing shopping centers to be more creative in their marketing strategies in order to connect with their visitors on a deeper level.

The Psychology of Gift Giveaways

The psychology behind free things is very clear, gifts make people happy….and the feeling “happy” is when dopamine is released in the brain. Research shows that if you manage to trigger the feel-good hormone in people by rewarding them for a certain action, you will manage to motivate them to repeat that action over and over again.

But have in mind that putting thought into the gift is also important, otherwise, your investment wont be too effective. The gifts need to be practical and useful if you want the receivers to be continuously reminded of your brand. Useful gifts will increase brand awareness and attract your target customers.

Shopping centers are using this effective marketing trick to keep visitors coming back to their stores by launching loyalty card programs and rewarding their shoppers with free branded stuff.

A Great Example

Ada Mall is a great example of a shopping center in Belgrade that is continuing to operate successfully even during the pandemic by using its loyalty card program and gift giveaways.

This month the mall is giving away free branded blankets to its loyalty cardholders that spend over 6.000 RSD (approx. 50 EUR) at their stores. The gift is thoughtful as it is an item very useful for the winter period and is associated with the good feelings of “warmth and comfort”.

“If you have decided to reduce your outdoor activities, due to the snow and frost, you can certainly indulge in the charms of watching your favorite TV series or reading a book in the comfort of your own home. To make the atmosphere as complete as possible, ADA MALL shopping center will launch the BLANKET GIFT campaign on January 20th. With a loyalty card and a receipt of over 6,000 RSD, you get a branded cover as a gift. The promotion is valid while stocks last”, stated Ada Mall’s press release.

Learn more about Ada Malls loyalty program here

It is Time to Give Away

This year is definitely a time for all shopping centers to speed up their game in revolutionizing their business. Creating mobile apps with loyalty programs will help shopping centers stay connected with their visitors and provide tools to understand their consumer habits and needs. This data will give shopping centers inspiration for marketing activities and gits that will exhilarate their footfall, sales, and customer loyalty.

Check out how MPC Properties, one of the leading shopping center operators in Serbia, recently launched a successful mobile app with loyalty program features for their shopping centers in Belgrade HERE.

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