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Galeria Shopping Mall Kosovo Reaches New Records

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Galeria Shopping Mall reaches new heights of success, reporting an increase in annual turnover and visitor traffic.

Galeria Shopping Mall has once again proven to be the top-performing retail destination in Kosovo and the go-to shopping destination in Prizren.

Increase in Turnover and Foot Traffic

Galeria Shopping Mall Kosovo
Galeria Shopping Mall Kosovo

The annual mall performance report showed a 20% increase in turnover in 2022 and an impressive 4.5 million visitors.

This growth was expected as Galeria welcomed last year new fashion and children’s brands to its tenant mix, while also hosting more than 50 unique entertainment and community events.

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Commitment to Sustainability

The mall’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency also contributed to its success. The mall used solar power energy to cut down on operation costs and has reduced pollution in Kosovo by 0.2%.

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New Store Openings

Galeria Shopping Mall Kosovo
Galeria Shopping Mall Kosovo

Galeria continues to lead the way in introducing the latest western retail practices and concepts to the Kosovo market.

MANGO, the top Mediterranean fashion brand, is bringing its latest ‘Mid Concept’ store to GALERIA Shopping Mall, in March of 2023. The new MANGO store concept has only been recently launched in European and Asian countries and will be now seen for the first time in Kosovo. This new addition will further strengthen the mall’s diverse tenant mix and offer visitors a unique shopping experience with its young, urban, and elegant fashion trends and accessories.

Plans for 2023

The management of Galeria Shopping Mall, predicts a promising 2023 with the addition of new fashion, entertainment, and dining concepts to enhance the mall’s tenant mix.

Galeria Shopping Mall Overview

Galeria Shopping Mall Kosovo
Galeria Shopping Mall Kosovo

GALERIA Shopping Mall is located in Prizren, the second-largest city in Kosovo. The mall has a GLA of 25,500 sqm and a GBA of nearly 50,000 sqm, making it one of the largest shopping malls in the region. Since its opening in October 2019, the mall has captivated its visitors with its impressive concept design, tenant mix, and performance.

The mall features four levels, including an underground parking area, and boasts a stunning architectural design that incorporates elements of the city’s culture and heritage.

Galeria has over 120 tenants, offering a diverse mix of cafes and restaurants, entertainment concepts, services, and a supermarket. The tenant mix was carefully selected to meet all the needs of the city and its surroundings.

Galeria Shopping Mall is dedicated to providing an enjoyable, comfortable, and unforgettable experience for visitors and profitable opportunities for tenants. With its professional and well-planned design, the mall appeals to visitors from the city, other regions of Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, and tourists visiting Prizren.

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