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Astonishing Dinosaur Exhibition at Galeria Shopping Mall in Kosovo

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An astonishing Dinosaur exhibition is attracting visitors and entertaining kids during June in GALERIA Shopping Mall in Kosovo.


The Dinosaur exhibition is one of the most spectacular events to be held in GALERIA Shopping Mall in Kosovo. The exhibition is placed in two locations; one at the main center of the mall and the other on the second floor at the kid’s playground corner.

This event is designed not only to attract visitors to the mall but also to inspire and educate them. It takes you back in time, to the Mesozoic and Cretaceous eras, creating huge excitement to see how these huge creatures looked. During the weekend this exhibition also offers various educational and fun group activities for kids, helping them learn about dinosaurs and the era when they existed.

The exhibition will run until the 24th of June and is open for free during the working hours of the mall.


During this time GALERIA Shopping Mall will also be organizing various engaging activities, such as celebrating Children’s International Day with music, mascots, face painting, and dancing activities.

GALERIA Shopping Mall is well-known as the leading shopping mall in Kosovo for hosting astonishing events and exciting activities, especially on special days and weekends. The mix of entertaining and community-based activities at the mall creates memorable moments for the community in Prizren, as well as for visitors across the whole Kosovo region.

To learn more about GALERIA Shopping Mall and for contact details of their leasing team click here. 

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