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UŠĆE Shopping Center Launches a “Personal Shopper” Service

UŠĆE Shopping Center in Belgrade introduced an innovative shopping center trend in Serbia, with the launch of a “Personal Shopper” Service.

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In our articles and youtube channel, we have highlighted many times how important it is now for shopping centers to start thinking outside the box and to introduce new ways to connect with their visitors.

This October, the leading shopping Center in Belgrade UŠĆE Shopping Center did just that by introducing for the first time to the market a personal shopping experience within their mall, marketing it with the slogan “Be the Best Version of Yourself“.


Their own concept of the “Personal Shopper” service, enables shoppers to invest wisely and build a recognizable personal style from the rich offer of the center’s stores. UŠĆE leads you through this unique shopping adventure together with fashion experts who are renowned in the country and the region.

This move now makes UŠĆE stand out even more from their competitors by giving shoppers a chance to be advised by professional stylists who can help them choose the best products, outfits, for every style and occasion! This is a perfect service for those who work a lot and don’t have time to go shopping, or for those who don’t like to go shopping but simply must.


The UŠĆE stylist is there to make your shopping trip easier and more interesting, and – first and foremost – to help you avoid spending money on things that don’t suit you or that you don’t need. This stylist will teach you how to create a recognizable style that includes indispensable classics and cleverly composed accessories, but will also give you perfect tips and tricks for styling in accordance with your build and personal preferences. You will discover how to combine the incompatible and how every item you wear tells a story about you without uttering a single word.


All you have to do is register through the site and choose one of the three shopping categories on offer.


With the fast development of online shopping and with rising competition, shopping centers now need to focus on creating a unique experience that cannot be replaced by e-commerce. A personal shopper is a way to connect with shoppers, make shopping fun, entertaining, easy, and helpful. It’s a way to create an emotional bond with the visitors and strengthen brand loyalty.

We believe this is a new trend that will be a standard in shopping centers in the future. We are now seeing the retail market maturing into a new era of retail, retail that is interactive and FUN!

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