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The Success of MPC Properties’ Mall App in 8 Months

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MPC Properties achieves amazing results in only 8 months with its “Tvoj Centar” mobile app that encompasses four shopping centers in Belgrade – UŠĆE Shopping Center, Mercator Centar, Beo Shopping Center, and Delta City.

The mobile app Tvoj Centar was launched in November 2021, and in only 8 months the app showed great results thanks to its clear concept, strong launch, and clever use of digital loyalty.

Ambitious Goals with a Unified Message

MPC Properties’ initial goal was to increase customer loyalty, visits, and sales across four shopping centers in Belgrade.

As the four shopping centers are located quite close to each other geographically, they wanted to combine the shopping centers in one app, in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market and make their malls the obvious go-to places in Belgrade.

When MPC Properties set out to find a solution that could help them achieve these goals, they quickly realized that Emplate was a great match for them, as their custom branded loyalty app had everything they needed.

When developing the new app for MPC Properties, Emplate placed a lot of focus on creating a great user experience, especially when switching between the malls in the app.

Once the app was created to fulfill all their wants and needs, the MPC Properties team moved forward with the launch.

A Successful Launch

As the first app of its kind in Serbia and the whole Balkan region, encompassing several major shopping centers in one app, MPC Properties knew they had to make a statement with their launch, and they did.

They rolled out major marketing campaigns, stretching from OOH advertising, branding in the centers, campaigns on Google and social media, cooperation with influencers, and organizing BTL activities across the centers, and the city.

The key focus was on the unique selling point of having “all in one place” with the Tvoj Centar app, while also raising brand awareness for the individual shopping centers.

Another impactful aspect of MPC Properties’ launch campaign was the rewards they had prepared for the app’s loyalty program. For the launch, the app had been packed with great prizes across all shopping centers. The wide variety of rewards spanned from shopping vouchers, branded accessories, 15% to 40% discounts, and many free treats like ice cream, coffee, and cheeseburgers.

The launch of the Tvoj Centar app was a success, with customers downloading the app with great interest.

Exclusivity and Competitions

A key focal point for MPC Properties is to always offer exclusivity to their loyalty app users. This means customers who use the app get permanent, free VIP benefits, such as a 10% discount on the next purchase.

By doing so, MPC is very effectively nurturing customer loyalty, making it so their shopping centers’ are not just good choices customers think of when they go shopping, but the only ones.

Customers using the Tvoj Centar app also get access to competitions and quizzes, which are highly popular. This adds excitement to the shopping experience, urging customers to spend and engage more.

App Results After 6 months

During the first 8 months since its launch, from November to July 2022, the “Tvoj Centar” app has already achieved:

  • 44.3k Total downloads
  • 1.254 Active posts on avg. each month
  • 23.208 Reward redemptions

As we can see by the figures, MPC Properties’ has already achieved impressive results, with an amazing download rate across the shopping centers, and this is despite Delta City becoming part of the app a few months later than the other 3 above-mentioned malls.

Most importantly, the results show that the efforts that are being put into creating an exciting loyalty program are working. Customers are enjoying the program, which can be seen by how they are actively redeeming rewards in the app.

Future Ambitions

MPC Properties had clear goals for their loyalty app to position their shopping centers on top of the market. They are achieving their goals thanks to their determination and great execution.

Now, their shopping centers are stronger than ever, with a unified message, clearly communicated to customers. The customers are enjoying the many exclusive benefits and convenience they get from the app, which nurtures customer loyalty.

Getting in Touch with Emplate

If your shopping center is ready to create a powerful mobile app like MPC Properties and win over visitors using online tools, book an appointment now for a demo HERE.

Emplate has helped many shopping centers across Europe to improve their digital presence and you can read about more success stories HERE.

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