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Influencer Marketing Trends 2023 by Mintel Research

Influencer marketing trends in 2023 are explored in Mintel's new research report, highlighting the importance of generational preferences, platform dynamics, and creative adaptation.

Marketing to Gen Z: Subcultures are the New Demographics

 New Horizon Media study highlights five categories and 12 emerging subcultures that brands should tap into in order to meaningfully reach Gen Z consumers.

New Research Report Shows Influencer Marketing is Dominating

New Research from shows a shifting power dynamic that puts influencers at the center of the brand-consumer relationship, as consumers become more annoyed with traditional marketing and advertising channels.

Pacsun Partners with the First Ever Virtual Influencer, Miquela

Fashion retailer Pacsun continues to grow its digital presence by collaborating with the first known virtual influencer, Miquela.

Gap Teams up with Kanye West

Gap’s upcoming Yeezy line with rapper Kanye West could bring in nearly $1 billion in incremental sales next year.

Influencer Marketing is on the Rise in the Retail Business

In 2019, retailers spent over $8 billion on influencers and by 2022 this number will increase to $15 billion, according to Mediakix data. In this article, we will explore why so much money is being spent on influencers and why they are becoming more important than ever before for the retail industry.

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