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Smart Gadgets that Will Transform Retail in 2021!

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We are entering an age of an extreme technological revolution, that will completely change our everyday lives, including the way we sell and purchase products.

It will not be long before we see robot assistants in stores, our packages delivered by drones, and travel to our favorite malls by a driverless or even flying car. It seems like I am describing the world of the Jetsons, but based on legitimate news reports this will all become a reality by 2023.

In this article, I will give you a list of three gadgets that I believe will majorly impact the retail market in 2021.

Smart Token Ring 

In 2021 you will see on the market a new product called Token Ring. It is a smart ring that stores all your identity information, including passwords, and credit cards. It will be used for contactless payments and free of keys access.

Keys, identity cards, credit cards are all going to be a thing of the past. With this ring we will be opening our car and house doors, gaining access to our home and buildings, making payments, and even controlling our connected smart house appliances.

The ring will make purchasing easier than ever!

Facebook Smart Glasses

Facebook announced this year that they will be launching in 2021 their own line of smart glasses. The company will be partnering with luxury eyewear giant Luxottica, and the new consumer device will have Ray-Ban branding. The Luxottica partnership will ensure that a wide range of styles will be made to accommodate the preferences of future customers.

In retail, the smart glasses will allow us to easily view information about products, scan bar codes, make online purchases, and even take easy photos or videos of products and places that we will be able to share on social media.

Smart glasses are already used by many businesses, and it is possible now to write programs for the glasses to serve various tasks. Their popularity will only continue to rise…. until they invent smart contact lenses.

Smart Mirrors

Although smart mirrors are already in use, I have to mention them because they are one of the biggest tech innovations that will transform the retail market. Thanks to the pandemic, social distancing, and rise of e-commerce, from 2021 smart mirrors will become a regular site in stores and hallways of shopping centers. As time passes they will probably become a must-have in our homes.

A smart mirror is an innovative technology that enables the user to access smartphone-like features on a basic mirror. These smart mirrors are embedded with several electronic components such as displays, sensors, etc. which enhance the user’s experience.

The cosmetics and beauty chain Sephora has already installed these mirrors in its shops worldwide to allow customers to virtually try on makeup.

In fashion retail, smart mirrors are used in dressing rooms of retail stores. The mirrors allow shoppers to try multiple outfits and matching accessories just by standing in front of the mirror without actually wearing the clothes.

These mirrors act as a reflection of the retailer’s full inventory and provide consumers with immediate information, without sorting through shelves of clothes. This improves the overall customer experience and encourages customers to also purchase styles or colors they might not have considered before.

The mirrors can also be strategically placed in the hallways of the malls to drive foot traffic to certain stores.

What Next?

Many new technologies are being improved and invented right now. I tend to report more on these new technologies and trends on this platform so you could prepare to adjust your retail business for the new times ahead.

My advice to all retail businesses, retailers, and shopping centers, is to focus right now on investing in new technologies and developing a strong online presence.

Do not believe that 2021 will bring back things to normal, we are not going towards the past but rather heading towards a very “surreal” future.

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