A New Generation Cinema Opens in Serbia!

The most modern cinema in Serbia opened on the 31st of August within Ada Mall in Belgrade. The new CINESTAR cinema features seven 4DX movie halls, leather Royal Beds for two, VIP Relax seating with wireless mobile phone charging tables, and more!

Great news for all movie lovers, all CineStar cinemas in Serbia have been reopened on the 1st of September. Ada Mall CineStar is now a new addition to its chain and it is absolutely the most technically advanced and modern cinema in the country, able to accommodate 1000 visitors!

The cinema also offers a luxury cinema bar with a view over Ada lake that provides all-night entertainment and for kids, two playrooms have been set up for birthday celebrations.

CineStar Bar

Parking at Ada Mall for cinema visitors is free.


Technology fans will be delighted to learn that the cinema has the latest generation RGB laser projectors, phenomenal JBL and Crown sound systems, and a state-of-the-art 4DX hall that offers an amazing experience by enhancing movie viewing so the viewer practically becomes part of the film.

This system uses 4DX movable seats that are programmed to move and vibrate during 4DX projections combined with 15 special ambient effects including rocking, forward / backward movements, seat, and back vibrations, tickling, bubbles, odors, water, fog, light…

There is also an eXtreme Hall, the largest cinema hall for adrenaline enthusiasts that features a bigger screen, stronger sound, and a stronger experience.

The interior of Belgrade’s CineStar abounds in a variety of materials, colors, and styles, which is why everything points to an eclectic playful design. The decoration is signed by well-known interior designers who have also worked on other award-winning CineStar cinemas.


For an unforgettable experience, CineStar has exclusively introduced Royal beds to visitors in Ada Mall. They are made of the finest leather, positioned in the front part of the hall, with special tables for storing drinks and wireless charging.

CineStar RoyalBeds Photo by Ivan Ivanisevic

There are also exclusive Vip Relax seats, larger than the classical seats with a reclining backrest, also made of leather, with a table and wireless charger.


It is interesting that all the seats in the newest Belgrade cinema have a larger legroom space and that they are made of leather with the possibility of moving back and forth, which is not the case in most cinemas.


Another novelty that CineStar introduced is online ticket sales, via credit and debit cards, as well as Loyalty cards. As online sales are growing all over the world, tickets are now available directly on the CineStar website or app.

The CineStar Loyalty program brings a rich offer of savings and benefits, and the Stars Club Loyalty card lowers ticket prices.


Apart from top entertainment, CineStar is also known as a powerful event organizer in the region. They have a rich experience in organizing events, so they plan to host business events in Belgrade as well.


When it comes to hygiene and safety, CineStar has prepared the halls for welcoming its audience. The facilities have been disinfected and new hygienic standards have been established for their maintenance, while the employees are familiar with the protective procedures and regulations. The planned measures are in accordance with all the latest recommendations of the competent bodies in Serbia.

To see the exciting program of films CineStar has to offer visit their website HERE.