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MPC Properties Introduces Tailor Made Offices for the New Generation

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MPC Properties in Serbia is finalizing the construction of a new office building, TLD Belgrade, which brings office space innovations to satisfy the newer generation of workers.

What does it take nowadays for a young company to break into the world of business or for an established company to maintain its leadership position in the market?

Well, the first answer would be for them to provide services or products that consumers want and need. Of course, the quality of what they offer, the relationship they have with their clients and associates, and their contributions to the wider community are all factors that today determine business success. But, many experts would agree that one of the most important keys to success in today’s corporate world is the company’s image!

When we say image, it does not mean just designing an impressive logo or paying for good advertising. It also includes the company’s attitude towards its workers, the working atmosphere they create, and, ultimately, the office space they provide for their employees. The fit-out of the office space can influence all that. The way in which the office space is arranged in terms of interior architecture and infrastructure, as well as the design and decorations of each of the rooms, can lead to employee satisfaction and ultimately increase collective productivity.

Offices Need Spaces to Increase Creativity, Team Spirit, and Wellbeing

TLD Belgrade Tailor Made Office Solutions

Research shows that employees are far more satisfied and stay longer in companies that provide them with adequately equipped working spaces. In these modern times, which cater to newer generations of workers, office spaces also need to include areas for relaxation, dining, socializing with colleagues, as well as access to cafes and restaurants.

Team spirit and company loyalty increase if the working space is arranged in accordance with the company’s mission. And when clients and business partners enter a space where there is a pleasant and, above all, friendly atmosphere, their desire to start or continue cooperation with a company also grows.

That is why it is always a good move to relocate to an office space that can be adapted to the needs of the company and its employees.

Tailor-Made Office Solutions are the Future

TLD Belgrade Lobby

Recognizing this office trend, one of the leading real estate developers in Serbia and the SEE region, MPC Properties, decided to develop an office building in Belgrade that provides tailor-made office solutions for businesses.

Their latest project, the TLD Belgrade office building, is located in a perfect location in the old town of Belgrade next to the Parliament, on the corner of Kneza Miloša Street and Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard.

The construction works on this new modern office building are slowly coming to an end. This building spans across nine floors and already offers 8,300 sqm for rent, as well as parking spaces in the underground garage on two levels.

TLD Belgrade Terrace

At the entrance to the TLD Belgrade office building, visitors are greeted by a sophisticated lobby and the ground floor also includes numerous conference rooms equipped with the most modern technology. Tenants have at their disposal 24/7 security services, CCTV surveillance systems, four-pipe HVAC systems for air conditioning and ventilation, state-of-the-art LED lighting, and much more.

However, that is not all!

TLD Belgrade Conference Room

The expert team of MPC Properties allows future tenants to choose how their office spaces will be organized and arranged, from the look and size of the offices, rest, and relaxation zones, to the smallest details regarding the design and technical solutions. This allows a tenant to create a business space that is unique and exclusive, which gives the company and its employees an identity.

Fit-out today is not just a standard copy/paste office space solution. Companies can now choose different decorations, from minimalist interiors with reduced color combinations, to eclectic and playful interiors with different motifs. They can maybe opt for relaxed and creatively liberating interiors, with open concrete ceilings, playing with visible installations, choosing decorative walls with bricks and the like. Our team can offer a large selection of reputable manufacturers of materials, floor coverings, lamps, ceilings, and much more. Tenants can choose what suits the visual expression of their company – stated MPC Properties Team.

The interior works on business premises is not only about the aesthetic element, but it also includes very complex organizational and technological requirements. The number of offices, the number of jobs, sector positions, infrastructure, security, and other requirements make interior design closer to creating a “well-functioning machine in a perfect package”.

When choosing TLD Belgrade, the tenants, together with their architectural bureau, will have at their disposal our professional team of experts, who will provide adequate information and advice during the whole design process – stated MPC Properties.

In case a tenant needs to move into an office space quickly, MPC Properties has already prepared projects, which can be completed in only two months.

The tenant can contact us directly with their requests and wishes, and get a project solution as well as execution on a turnkey basis. The client will only need to move in with furniture and their electronic equipment. Also, for those who would like to move into the space as soon as possible, we have already prepared projects, so it is only necessary to report the works, which can be done in just two months –  stated MPC Properties.

About MPC Properties

MPC Properties, the largest company for development and real estate management in Serbia and the region, owns a wide portfolio of office and retail projects built to the highest world standards. Their properties include UŠĆE Shopping Center, BEO Shopping Center, Mercator Center Belgrade, Immo Outlet Center, as well as business centers UŠĆE Tower One, UŠĆE Tower Two, and Navigator Business Complex.

View their full property portfolio and learn more about MPC Properties on their website.

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