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MPC Properties Hosted Honey Harvesting Events

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For the first time, MPC Properties organized a series of honey harvesting events at its office and retail properties in Belgrade where they installed beehives – UŠĆE Shopping Center, Navigator Business Center 2, and UŠĆE Towers.

At these events, MPC has gathered its business community, employees, their children, and UŠĆE Shopping Center visitors. Many of them had the opportunity to see and experience honey production in person, giving them an opportunity to get in touch with how bees are organized through educational workshops. The best part of the event was that guests also had the pleasure to taste the fresh honey from the MPC Properties’ beehives.

Beehives at UŠČE

The company collected a total of 130 kg of honey produced by the bees from their beehives. The project was realized in cooperation with MAD MED Association and The Belgrade Beekeepers’ Association (BUP).

One of MPC Properties Green Commitment pillars is the preservation of ecosystems, which includes, among many other things, Urban Beekeeping. With MPC’s pioneer approach to the market, empowering the ESG initiative, the company installed a total of 12 beehives within its asset portfolio.

UŠĆE Towers Green Rooftop Above its Garage

According to MPC Properties, bees contribute to the biodiversity in urban environments by pollinating and supporting plants and trees’ growth. For these reasons, urban beekeeping has proved to be a natural method for cities to diversify their ecosystems.

More about MPC’s contributions to a greener future here. 

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