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How to Create a Shopping Center App in 2022!

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Emplate, a Scandinavian software company, is helping shopping centers go digital – fast and easy!

A lot has changed in the retail industry since the beginning of the pandemic. Customers are moving to online shopping and are expecting a fully customized and personalized experience.

Ecommerce is gaining traction and more shopping centers are choosing to move online. But establishing a strong digital presence to increase sales and footfall requires a lot of painful work and adds extra pressure on the shopping center management staff.

Because of this, Emplate has already created an app for shopping centers that can be fully customized. This means a shopping center can get an already working app with many powerful features that only need to be branded with their logo, colors, pictures, and content.

The shopping center app developed by Emplate has many powerful features such as a customer loyalty program, a tool for shops to create content for the app, content management tools for center management, and much more.

Many popular shopping centers across Europe are using Emplate, including MPC Properties in Serbia for their malls: Ušće Shopping Center, Mercator, and Beo Shopping Center. Read more about MPC’s shopping app here

If your shopping center is looking to create an app, Emplate is definitely worth considering!


Customers are the first priority for shopping centers and digitally it should be no different.

In order to improve the customer experience, digital solutions need to create convenience, relevance, and personalization.

With Emplate’s fully customizable shopping center app, the customers can decide which stores or retail categories they want to see news and offers from. This gives every single customer a personalized experience and a better overall user experience, as it avoids cluttering users with irrelevant marketing content.


Beyond making the digital experience personal, what Emplate is also doing is tapping into gamification. Through an integrated loyalty program, customers can earn points for prizes every time they visit a shopping center.

By creating an active desire for customers to use the app frequently, Emplate not only increases customer loyalty but also gives center managers an opportunity to get access to valuable data and insights about their customers.


A big challenge, when it comes to marketing efforts for many shopping centers, is the process of collecting news, offers, and general marketing information from tenants. All too often, tenants fail to provide to center managers needed content in a timely manner, which results in roadblocks and wasted time for everyone.

Emplate has solved this issue by turning the traditional workload on its head. The app allows the tenants to post their own news and offers for their online stores. At the same time the shopping center management team still gets full control of everything in the app, including editing, deleting, creating content, accessing data, customizing categories and the home tab.

The offers and news created in the app can also be automatically added to the shopping centers website. This ensures a continuous flow of relevance for customers, without center management having the task to always update the website or app with content.


Emplate has helped many shopping centers across Europe to improve their digital presence and you can read about the success stories HERE.

If your shopping center is ready to create a powerful mobile app and win over visitors using online tools, book an appointment now for a demo HERE.

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