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Galerija Belgrade Spectacular Winter Entertainment

The largest shopping center in the Balkan region, Galerija Belgrade, surprised shoppers this winter with many events, installations, and innovations to keep the shopping spirit alive and fun.

Chinese Lantern Festival

The Chinese Lantern Festival has been arranged in front of Galerija Belgrade to mark the arrival of the Chinese New Year.

The complimentary event brings magical figures in the shape of animals, plants, and impressive dragons to illuminate the Sava Promenada at night.

The festival is open to all visitors until the 25th of February, giving a chance for everyone to enjoy the spectacular lighting installations next to the mall and river from 5 to 9 pm.

Skiing in the center of Belgrade!

The year behind us has brought about a lot of changes, and one of the things we have had to give up was travel. Galerija Belgrade has created a solution for all ski lovers who were unable to travel this year to the mountains, by setting up a ski simulator at the Sava Promenada in front of the mall.

The ski simulator was set up at the beginning of January and will be available until the 28th of February, every day except on Monday, from noon to 5 pm.

The ski simulator provides an unforgettable ski adventure in the city with a spectacular view of the river. Professional ski instructors are available to assist beginners and experienced skiers to learn and master their techniques.

Galerija Belgrade also provides to its mobile app users 15 minutes of free skiing every day. Through the apps “Moj Beograd” loyalty program the users can progress through tiers and win more free skiing time.

“Where is my car?” is a thing of the past

Visitors to Galerija Belgrade do not have to memorize anymore where they have parked their car among the 3,600 parking places, thanks to a new electronic system called “Find My Car”.

All Galerija Belgrade app users can find their car in just a couple of seconds. It is enough to enter a few numbers from the license plate in the “Parking” section of the app, and it will show at what level and in which position the car is located.

Visitors can also find their parking space through the touch screen panels placed at all entrances to the mall from the parking lot. When a visitor types in their plate number, the position of the vehicle shows up on the screen with arrows providing directions.

Galerija Belgrade is the only local shopping mall that saves its visitors’ time in this way and allows them to quickly reach their car.

Galerija Belgrade Mobile App

The innovative car locating system is just one of the many advantages of Galerija Belgrade app. The app was designed to reward its shoppers for every purchase they make in the mall, by giving them a chance to collect points each time they scan a receipt. The points are collected to receive discounts for future purchases.

Additionally, each visit to Galerija is rewarded with a special surprise hidden behind a “Scratch & Win” e-coupon.

App users can also progress through tiers, which opens up new and even greater benefits for them, such as monthly rewards or invitations to exclusive events.

With the innovative app that makes shopping like a game and with many entertaining events, Belgrade Galerija is demonstrating to all of us that physical shopping is still alive in the Balkans in 2021.

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