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Dm Drogerie Markt Opening its First Drugstores in Poland

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The largest drugstore chain in Europe, dm drogerie markt, which operates in 13 European countries, is preparing to conquer the Polish market.

The company’s headquarters will be in Wroclaw, and the opening of the first stores is expected soon.

“In the past years, our colleagues from Austria have successfully expanded the dm drogerie chain to more than ten European countries. Accordingly, we continue with our expansion plans by now entering Poland. We have carefully examined the market and we are convinced that we will attract customers in this country with our wide range of products and services, “said Christoph Werner, Chairman of the Management Board of dm in Germany.

Markus Trojanski, Director of Expansion in East Germany, will be responsible for setting up and opening dm stores in Poland. As Trojanski points out, the selection of employees who will work in the first drugstores in Poland is underway, and there is a great interest from salespeople to work in the future stores.

“A large number of our colleagues in the Czech Republic and Germany, who speak Polish and German, are interested in working in Polish dm stores,” added Trojanski.

About dm

Dm drogerie markt has more than 62,500 employees in over 3,700 stores across Europe. The drugstore chain currently operates in 14 European countries, including Poland. During 2019/2020 business year, the company achieved a turnover of 11.5 billion euros. About 41,000 employees in Germany had a turnover of 8.5 billion euros in the same period.

Dm is recognized as a priority supply chain due to the importance of the products it has in its range, primarily food, organic food, and products intended for citizens with specific dietary needs.

When it comes to Serbia, dm is one of the largest providers of organic food, with over 300 organic products from its private brand dmBio.

In addition, dm offers a number of other products that are key to meeting the various needs of citizens, such as baby food, as well as products for personal hygiene, home cleaning, accessories, makeup, and other cosmetics.

Customers in dm, in all segments, can find world-famous brands, as well as a large number of dm brands, such as Balea or alverde – the best-selling certified natural cosmetics.

In addition, customers in dm drugstores highly value the expertise and professionalism of employees, while the company continuously improves its service. Across Europe, the drugstore chain fosters responsible business based on the principles of sustainable development.

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