Wednesday, December 30, 2020


Cineplexx, the leading cinema chain in the region, opened its fourth cinema in Belgrade beginning of September. The new destination for movie lovers in located at BEO Shopping Center!

The latest Cineplexx at BEO Shopping Center has 1,200 seats in 8 halls, equipped with state-of-the-art projectors, sound systems, and unprecedented seats in the city.

Cineplexx BEO Shopping
A large LED panel, under which visitors pass at the entrance, contributes to the experience of going to the cinema even before the start of the movie, and the technologies used in the halls complete the overall experience of watching a movie.


The new Cineplexx at BEO Shopping Center especially stands out from other cinemas due to its Dolby Atmos technology, the most modern audio system in the world, which comes directly from the Dolby laboratory.

Cineplexx BEO Shopping Center – ATMOS Hall
The crystal clear and incredibly realistic sound, which moves along the entire hall, is the result of a large number of speakers, placed at different heights, which creates the impression of a three-dimensional sound effect.


Cineplexx moved the limits of comfort in this cinema, by offering visitors a new type of seating in the form of a love box, lounge sofa, and VIP deluxe seats with adjustable footrest and backrest.

Cineplexx BEO Shopping Center – love box
Christof Papousek, CFO and Managing Partner of Cineplexx, stated:

“With this project, worth 5.5 million EUR, we wanted to provide the most exciting experience of watching a film and an unforgettable way to spend quality time with family or friends for the citizens of Belgrade. In that sense, we are proud that Cineplexx BEO Shopping Center is our contribution to a more meaningful spare-time life, especially having in mind that this is the first cinema to open in this part of the city.

Cineplexx BEO Shopping Center – VIP deluxe seats
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