Friday, May 26, 2023

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REBEC 2023: Real Estate Conference & Exhibition in Belgrade

Discover the future of real estate at REBEC 2023, the leading conference and exhibition uniting industry professionals from around the world in Belgrade.

Consumers Choosing to Shop and Dine Closer to Home

Gravy Analytics released its new Consumer Trends Report, which analyzed foot traffic data across a variety of locations in the USA from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023 to see how consumer behavior has changed across industries.

MPC Properties: Importance of Biodiversity in Urban Environments

Sanja Rubesa, Operations Project Manager, and Duska Novakovic, Associate in Technical Operations at MPC Properties, shed light on the significance of biodiversity in urban environments.

Rajiceva Shopping Center Presents 2023 Fashion Collections

Rajiceva Shopping Center unveils a creative marketing campaign "Dressed in Belgrade" celebrating the latest fashion collections.

Mall of Split Welcomes Takko Fashion

Mall of Split, the dynamic shopping and entertainment destination in Split, Croatia, is delighted to announce the arrival of Takko Fashion, further diversifying its tenant mix.

BEO Shopping Center Wins Prestigious ECSP Award!

BEO Shopping Center in Serbia wins the prestigious 2023 European Council of Shopping Places (ECSP) Award in the “New Development” category.

Mango Opens First ‘Mid Concept’ Store in Kosovo at GALERIA Mall

For the first time in Kosovo Mango's new unique 'Mid Concept' store can now be experienced at GALERIA Shopping Mall in Prizren.

MINISO Creating a Global Sensation with Blind Boxes

Global lifestyle brand MINISO is turning shopping into a fun game with its latest  #MysteryDiamondHunt blind box campaign.

How to Advertise to Gen Z Consumers in 2023?

Gen Z expects advertising to be purpose-driven, unobtrusive, and entertaining according to a new survey by NCSolutions 

CC Real Prepares for Croatia’s Sunday Closing Law

CC Real, a leading shopping center management company, responds to the new ‘no work on Sundays’ law in Croatia which will take effect this July.

Porto Montenegro Announces New Store Openings in 2023

Get ready for an unforgettable shopping and leisure experience in 2023 as Porto Montenegro unveils an impressive line-up of exciting new openings!

Sune: A New Livestream Shopping App for Gen Z

Sune a new livestream shopping app has been released to redefine how younger generations discover products from remarkable brands through a personalized video feed.

TikTok Continues to Dominate the Digital World in 2023

TikTok is recording a rise in user engagement in 2023, according to a new mobile behavioral data report by Measure Protocol. 

Carrefour Embraces Passwordless Login for its Online Store

Carrefour Belgium has recently teamed up with OwnID, a leading passwordless authentication solution provider, to offer customers a seamless and secure way to access their online accounts.

MPC Properties: Recreating Shopping Centers into Community Spaces

MPC Properties discusses the importance of transforming shopping centers into community spaces where people can learn, socialize, and feel a sense of belonging.

The Most Popular Fashion & Footwear Brands in 2023

Here are the top fashion and footwear brands in the USA based on the 2023 "Brand Heat Index" by L.E.K. Consulting.

What Prizes do Consumers Want from Brands in 2023?

A new survey by Merkle reveals how brands can improve prize and incentive strategies to drive desired consumer behaviors through promotions, branded games, chance-to-win experiences, and loyalty programs.

Synchrony Releases New “Future of Shopping” Study

Synchrony's new study reveals that more than 80% of shoppers expect hyper-curated in-store experiences by 2030.  

IMMOFINANZ Reports Strong Operating Performance in 2022

IMMOFINANZ: Strong operating performance in challenging times drives portfolio growth and robust balance sheet structure.

MPC Properties Appoints Pınar Yalçınkaya as the New CEO

MPC Properties, one of the most experienced real estate companies in the SEE region appoints Pınar Yalçınkaya as the new Chief Executive Officer.


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