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Two New SHOP PARK Retail Parks to be Constructed Soon in Serbia!

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The construction of two new SHOP PARK retail parks in Serbian towns Loznica and Arandjelovac will begin soon. The total investment value will equal 36 million EUR.

According to the investor Niksen Ltd, the new retail parks in Loznica and Arandjelovac are planned to open during the last quarter of next year.


The planned SHOP PARK in Loznica, will be developed in partnership with Serbian company Tomnix, and will be an investment valued at over 21 million EUR.

The retail park will be developed on a land plot of 3 hectares and will consist of 18,000 m2 of retail space. Later the investor plans to extend the project to an additional 2 hectares of land where 8.000 m2 of retail space will be added.

SHOP PARK in Loznica will offer 30 retail units which will house well-known domestic and international brands that will satisfy all the daily needs of the city inhabitants and its surroundings. More than 400 free parking spaces will be available at the retail park for all its visitors.

The location of the retail park is in the western part of the city of Loznica, only 1200 meters away from the city center and it is positioned on the main road leading to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.


SHOP PARK in Arandjelovac, which will be built by Niksen Ltd., is an investment worth more than 15 million EUR. It will be developed on a land plot of 3 hectares and will consist of 12,000 m2 of retail space.

The retail park will offer 20 retail units and more than 300 free parking spaces.

The retail park will be located only 3.000 meters from the city center, and only 1.000 meters away from the future intersection of the new highway Vožd Karađorđe, which will make this center even more attractive for the entire region thanks to its great infrastructure connections.

Following the Highest International Standards

Both retail parks will be built and managed according to the highest international standards. The retail parks will offer a great shopping experience, many gastronomy units, entertainment faculties, and will be managed by a professional team of operations and center managers.

The development of the two retail parks will upgrade its surrounding and thus bring a new image to the two cities, which will as a result certainly attract future investments.

The PR team of Niksen Ltd. stated:

During this week, with the great support of all city institutions and public companies from Loznica and Arandjelovac, we are collecting all the necessary urban planning and construction permits that will enable us to start the construction phase of our projects very soon.


With the development of the two new SHOP PARKS in Loznica and Arandjelovac, Niksen Ltd will further strengthen its position in the retail market in Serbia.

Their first SHOP PARK retail park opened in Gornji Milanovac two years ago and has been operating successfully ever since. Its attractive tenant mix, daily promotions and events, have attracted a lot of attention from its city inhabitants and the entire South Moravian region.

By developing two new retail parks, SHOP PARK retail park network is becoming a popular retail destination for international brands looking to expand across Serbia, including newcomer brands that are looking to open stores at many locations at the same time.

In fact, the two upcoming retail parks have already secured a 70% occupancy rate, and the tenants who have reserved space within the projects are many fashion industry leaders in the market, among many others.

Local companies with over 600 people will be working on the construction of the two retail parks, and when completed they will create 500 new jobs for the residents of Loznica and Arandjelovac.

To learn more about Shop Park visit their website here.

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