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The Future of Omnichannel Fitness by adidas and Les Mills

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Omnichannel fitness is set to take the world of training by storm with a groundbreaking partnership between two industry powerhouses – adidas and Les Mills.

The new collaboration promises to usher in a new era of fitness by fusing innovation and heritage to offer enhanced experiences for fitness enthusiasts both live and digitally.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and thrilling live fitness experiences, the partnership aims to inspire the next generation of training fans and revolutionize the way the Adidas community experiences workouts. In this article, we’ll explore the exciting details of this partnership and how it’s set to reshape the future of fitness.

What is Omnichannel Fitness?

Omnichannel fitness refers to a seamless integration of fitness experiences across different channels, including in-person workouts, live streaming, on-demand workouts, and digital coaching. It is a holistic approach to fitness that recognizes the different ways people prefer to engage in their workouts and seeks to provide a consistent and personalized experience across all channels.

Omnichannel fitness is becoming increasingly popular as people seek more flexibility in their fitness routines and want to be able to exercise wherever, whenever, and however they choose.

The partnership between Adidas and Les Mills aims to leverage this trend and provide fitness enthusiasts with an unparalleled omnichannel fitness experience.

Adidas and Les Mills Partnership

The partnership will connect adiClub and Les Mills by offering immersive and personalized solutions to over 300 million adiClub members.

Under the partnership, the latest high-performance adidas training apparel, footwear, and accessories will be worn by the industry-leading LES MILLS global athlete network.

Available for both instructors and the community alike, adidas has crafted collections and products to specifically support key activity pillars, including HIIT, Strength, and Yoga.

The partnership will provide world-leading training experiences through digital innovation while delivering next-level live workout events in key cities across the globe.

The LES MILLS LIVE London event in October 2022, supported by adidas, set the tone with 5,000 attendees uniting for one of the largest group workout events ever staged, and the first to be filmed in virtual reality.

Throughout 2023, adidas and Les Mills will continue to push the boundaries by creating an enhanced athlete journey for live fitness, with events taking place in Singapore, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Paris, Barcelona, and other global cities.

Clive Ormerod, Les Mills CEO, says:

The brand partnership with adidas will redefine fitness for the next generation of training fans, driven by our focus on innovation, connection, and motivation. We will elevate the training experience by combining the best of live and digital to meet people where, when, and how they want. By placing the community at the heart of all we do, we can inspire millions to be more active and make good on our mission to create a fitter planet.

Aimee Arana, adidas Global General Manager, Sportswear & Training, says: 

We are very excited to partner with Les Mills, which is such an iconic brand in the health and fitness world. The partnership will enable us to embrace new technology that will combine the benefits of live training, with the capabilities of digital services for our adiClub members, all supported by our latest innovation in training apparel, footwear, and accessories. As part of this venture, we are excited to create new and unique workout experiences that tap into next-generation behaviors – supporting our mission to ensure everyone can benefit from the physical and mental well-being that training offers.

Adidas and Les Mills commitment to shared values and a focus on the community will help create unique workout experiences and provide world-leading training solutions both live and digitally. The collaboration is set to inspire millions to be more active and make good on their mission to create a fitter planet.

The Les Mills edit of the latest innovation in training apparel, footwear, and accessories from adidas will be available at: www.adidas.com/training 

About Les Mills

Les Mills is the global leader in group fitness and creator of over 20 programs including BODYPUMP™ and BODYCOMBAT™. Les Mills workouts are delivered by 130,000 certified Instructors in 21,000 gyms across 100 countries and via the LES MILLS+ streaming platform.

The company was founded by Les Mills – a four-time Olympian who opened his first gym in 1968 with a vision to bring elite sports training to the masses.

About adidas

adidas is a global leader in the sporting goods industry. Headquartered in Herzogenaurach/Germany, the company employs more than 61,000 people across the globe and generated sales of €21.2 billion in 2021.

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