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Slovenia Ranks as the World’s Most Crypto-Friendly Country

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According to Fast Private Jet global research study, Slovenia has the most venues where cryptocurrencies are accepted as a payment method.

Italian aviation firm, Fast Private Jet, performed a global study using data from and, to determine which countries are the most crypto-friendly. Slovenia ranked first, while the Czech Republic held the second position. Argentina, Japan, Spain, and Colombia rounded up the top six.

Top Crypto-Friendly Destinations

Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana ranked as the most crypto-friendly destination in Europe. Currently, it has over 137 businesses and 584 different locations that allow digital asset payments, while its largest shopping center was named “BTC City” to symbolize a Bitcoin city.

Prague, The Czech Republic’s capital, is the second most crypto-friendly European destination. Among its crypto attractions is the coffee-house Paralelni Polis, where customers can pay only in bitcoin.

The third most crypto-welcoming city in Europe is Spain’s Madrid. Spain implemented crypto regulations in 2021. People in Spain can buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies, which they can use in physical stores and online, including for Netflix and Amazon.

Malta ranked at the bottom as it still lacks cryptocurrency regulations.

Fast Private Jet’s study touched upon the USA, too. It revealed that New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have the most restaurants, cafeterias, and businesses that accept crypto as a payment method in the county. USA was also ranked as the country with the most crypto ATM’s in the world, offering approx. 30,963 crypto cash machines.

Canada and El Salvador had the 2nd and 3rd highest number of crypto ATM’s in the world.

The Least Crypto-Friendly Countries

Unsurprisingly, China is among the least crypto-friendly countries around the globe. Last year, the local authorities imposed a total ban on all digital asset endeavors on Chinese soil.

Oman, Egypt, Algeria, Qatar, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, and Bangladesh also have a hostile stance on the industry and were placed next to China.

The United Arab Emirates was ranked the lowest when it comes to the number of ATM’s, with only one crypto-cash machine in Dubai.

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