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French Kids Brands Obaibi and Okaidi Now at Mall of Split!

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The renowned French kids’ brands Obaibi and Okaidi just opened a shop at Mall of Split, making high-quality and stylish clothing for children more accessible than ever.

A New Haven for Children’s Fashion

The new Obaibi and Okaidi store in the Mall of Split marks the brand’s third location in Croatia. Positioned within the leading shopping and lifestyle center in the picturesque coastal town of Split, this store covers an area of 117.48 square meters on the first floor.

The store is thoughtfully divided between the two brands, that are known for their diverse range of sustainable, high-quality, and affordable products, including clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Okaidi and Obaibi Store at Mall of Split opened on 25th October 2023

Obaibi: Elegant and Practical for Newborns

Obaibi, with its focus on babies from 0 to 3 years old, creates practical and elegant products designed to make the lives of young parents easier.

Their offerings are not only stylish but also eco-friendly and comfortable, ensuring that the child’s well-being is always a top priority.

Okaidi: Encouraging Individuality

Okaidi, on the other hand, specializes in modern and creative collections for children aged 3-14. These collections are carefully designed to respect the unique tastes and identities of each child.

Okaidi aims to encourage individuality and self-expression by creating versatile clothing that children can easily combine and wear. This brand provides practical, urban, and stylish clothing with a plethora of designs and colors that reflect the latest trends and seasons.

Mall of Split: A Shopper’s Paradise

The Mall of Split is a shopping and entertainment hub that offers something for everyone.

Spanning across an impressive retail area of 60,700 square meters, this shopping center boasts over 200 stores, catering to diverse tastes, budgets, and age groups.The tenant mix includes both global and local fashion retailers, ensuring that visitors have a wide range of choices for their fashion and everyday needs.

Mall of Split i also a hub for entertainment. It’s home to the renowned CINESTAR 4DX cinema, recognized in 2018 by the International Cinema Technology Association as the “Best New Build Cinema in Europe.” Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the ultimate cinematic experience while enjoying the latest blockbusters and the immersive 4DX technology.

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