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Expansion of AI Shop Assistants at Physical Stores

DeepBrain AI is planning to expand “AI Kiosks” with human-based AI avatars that inform, solve, and guide users through thousands of possible scenarios and real-time interactions.

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The AI kiosks were already showcased this month at the CES 2022 exhibition in Las Vegas and will be showcased on the 16-18th of January at the NRF Big Retail exhibition in New York.

Concept image of an AI Clerk greeting a customer in an off-line store.

DeepBrain AI is showing how AI Humans can be adopted in commerce. Many innovative changes are being made and one of them is unmanned stores. But there are some downsides to it. Customers can feel uncomfortable in environments like this. DeepBrain AI will be providing new solutions using AI Human. For example, AI Human as a shop assistant can make the shopping experience more natural for customers and guide them through the shopping and payment processes.

DeepBrain AI demonstrating AI Kiosks to visitors from various industries at their CES 2022 booth.

In addition to convenience stores, DeepBrain AI is providing AI human solutions to other shops and restaurants.

“I’m convinced that this movement will continue to grow, and the adoption of AI technology will also continue to accelerate.” said Eric Jang, CEO of DeepBrain AI.

Intense interest in AI Human imbedded “AI Kiosks” and SaaS solution “AI Studios” services is pouring. Active business discussions are taking place with officials in various industries such as telecommunication companies, broadcasting stations, luxury brands, and universities.

About DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is one of the top global companies that possess both deep learning-based video synthesis and voice synthesis source technology. The technology can be implemented in various forms regardless of industry fields such as AI announcer, AI anchor, AI banker, AI tutor, AI show host, AI kiosk, AI video consultation, AI concierge, AI doctor, AI lawyer and many more.

“As a result of acquiring a clear competitive edge in the field of artificial intelligence recognized domestically as well as globally, we were able to successfully secure the Series B investment last August. To be reborn as a global leading company, we will actively strive to expand business scale and develop new technologies with AI human solution.”, stated DeepBrain AI CEO Eric Jang.

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