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Ten New Capitol Parks in Croatia by 2020

By Retail SEE Group / June 11, 2019

UK-based property investor, developer and asset manager Poseidon Group will continue to strengthen its Capitol Park network in South East Europe by opening 10 new locations in Croatia by 2020.

Poseidon Group will manage 10 locations in Zadar, Kutina, Slavonski Brod, Požega, Križevci, Jastrebarsko, Ivanić Grad, Krk, Sisak and Makarska.

The locations are currently occupied by KONZUM  buildings that will be re-branded to Capitol Park . All assets will be transformed with a more diversified tenant mix while preserving the existing workforce at the locations. New tenants will include international brands and new market entrants to Croatia that will diversify choice, stimulate the local economy and create more jobs for Croatian citizens across the country.

Poseidon Group Corporate Affairs Director James Gunn emphasized the importance of Capitol Park network expansion throughout Croatia:

“Under our Capitol Park brand, Poseidon Group is a recognized high-quality regional retail leader that helps our tenants obtain stable profits in the competitive Croatian retail landscape. Our projects create more jobs for local communities, improve consumer choice, and of course bring higher investor returns. We are happy to continue our growth in Croatia and to build new possibilities in the retail sector through 2019 and 2020.”

Details on the brands entering Capitol Parks in Croatia and precise opening dates will be announced soon.


Kutina is a city in central Croatia, the largest settlement in the hilly region of Moslavina, in the Sisak Mislavina County. The town has a population of 13.735, while the total municipality population is 22.760.

The existing Konzum building on Kralja Petra Krešimira Street no. 4 will be reconstructed to welcome four international brands on an area of 2.500 sqm.


Križevci is a city in central Croatia with a total population of 21,122.

The land plot for the new retail park is located on Tadije Smičiklasa 5a Street, currently occupied by Konzum. Konzum will be replaced with a new anchor tenant, while the remainder of the building will be extended to welcome new tenants.

Capitol Park Križevci will consist of 4.100 sqm  and will host many international retailers in food, textile, cosmetics and other sectors. The new shopping destination will create approximately 50 new jobs and will boost the local economy.


Požega is located in the western part of the country, in Slavonia. The total population of the city administrative area is 26,248.

The future retail park will be at the location of the existing Konzum supermarket at  Osječka Street no. 10. Konzum will be replaced with a new food retailer and new tenants will be added from the non-food sector on a total area of 4,200 sqm.


Zadar is located in south Croatia and has a population of 75,082 according to the 2011 census.

The location is occupied by a shopping center anchored by Konzum, which was completed in 2007. It is positioned on the main road through Zadar and has excellent transport links and great visibility

The shopping center will be re-branded and transformed to the Capitol Park format. The tenant mix will include retailers from a variety of categories on a total area of 6,400 sqm.


Jastrebarsko is approximately 25 km south-west from Zagreb. Jastrebarsko has a population of 15,866.

Capitol Park Jastrebarsko will be a practical 3,000 sqm retail destination for a grocery and home décor shopping.

Located on the city fringe, this retail complex will be visited by 6,000 local residents and 11,000 more from nearby municipalities.


Ivanić Grad is located 25 km south-east of the capital Zagreb in central Croatia and has a population of 9,379.

Capitol Park Ivanić Grad will be a 5,000 sqm retail destination with four tenants from the food, fashion and home décor segments. The location is very well connected with the city center, as it is positioned just off the highway junction.


Krk is Croatia’s largest island and is connected to mainland Croatia by a bridge, close to Rijeka. The island has a population of 19,383 and Krk town has a population of 6,243. Krk is a popular tourist destination and is consistently voted in Europe’s top 10 islands by Readers Choice Awards. In 2015 178,816 tourists visited the island.

Capitol Park Krk will be a 4,850 sqm complex with a tourist and local-friendly tenant mix including food retail, pharmacy and fashion. The location is at the main entrance to the city.


Sisak is located in central Croatia approximately 50 km south of Zagreb and has a population of 47,768.

Capitol Park Sisak will consist of 4,200 sqm and will offer food and cosmetics retailers.


Capitol Park Makarska will be a large retail complex of 14,200 sqm offering a diversified tenant mix including food, fashion, home décor and many other retailers.

Located at the edge of city center, this retail park will provide a modern shopping experience.

Its opening is planned in spring 2020.


Poseidon Group is a United Kingdom-based property investor, developer and asset manager. Established in 2001 in London, it has grown to employ more than 200 people globally.

Poseidon Group is actively exploring co-investment partnerships in its UK and SE Europe projects with investors worldwide. The current book value of its projects is EUR 1.2 billion in a portfolio comprised of over 60,000 sqm of built retail parks, 36,000 sqm of built food supermarkets, and more than 400 residential apartments and houses in planning and construction.

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