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Lidl to Open 16 Supermarkets in Serbia in October

By Retail SEE Group / October 10, 2018

Lidl, German discount food retailer owned by Schwarz Gruppe, will be opening its first 16 stores in Serbia on the 11th of October.

This week, the company invited media representatives to take a tour of the new Lidl supermarket in Belgrade, located at no. 143 Vojislava Ilića Street.

With more than 1,500 articles on offer, Lidl will present a brand new shopping experience to its Serbian customers. The chain’s diverse assortment ranges from food and home products to home electronics and clothing, mainly consisting of Lidl’s own brands, as well as approximately 350 locally sourced products.

Lidl supermarkets in Serbia have an average size of 1,400 sqm and offer 120 parking spaces. All units are built according to the company’s latest retail concept, launched in 2016. The stores feature a modern design, bigger retail areas, improved energy efficiency and more natural lighting, all in line with Lidl’s commitment to environmental and workplace sustainability.

Opportunity for Local Suppliers

According to Martina Petrović, Head of Corporate Communications, Lidl has established partnerships with more than 50 local producers and is seeking to connect with new suppliers in Serbia.

“Lidl is focused on developing long-term partnerships. The main requirement for all suppliers is quality. For example, one of our suppliers, a coffee manufacturer from Užice, has implemented the IFS system as part of the partnership,” she stated, highlighting the case as a good business practice.

Expansion and Development

In addition to its first 16 stores, of which five are located in Belgrade, Lidl is planning to open seven more supermarkets in Serbia by the end of the year. The units will be located in Belgrade, Vršac, Inđija, Jagodina, Kikinda, Kruševac and Pančevo.

According to its representatives, the company aims to continue its investments on the Serbian market in the coming years, introducing new innovations, modern concepts and services such as online shopping.

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