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Dm Celebrates 15 Years of Business in Serbia

By Retail SEE Group / June 3, 2019

dm drogerie markt (dm), is this year celebrating a major milestone - its 15th anniversary since entering the Serbian market.

Over the past 15 years, the company has achieved enduring success, positioning itself as a leader in the Serbian health and beauty market and opening a total of 94 stores in 26 cities.

In 2018, dm posted a record-high turnover of 10,9 billion RSD with over 12 million transactions. The number of employees amounted to over 850.


dm, the largest drogerie chain in Europe, keeps people at the heart of its business. The company strives to empower its employees to reach their career goals while also delivering high quality experiences for its customers.

dm drogerie markt Directors for Serbia Macedonia Vesna Stojanović and Alexandra Olivera Korichi
dm drogerie markt Directors for Serbia & Macedonia Vesna Stojanović and Alexandra Olivera Korich

“We are proud of our business success because it enables us to continue with practices such as the 14th salary. We are pleased that we have been able to offer a 15th month bonus based on tenure at dm, which amounted to a month’s salary for employees that have been working at our company for 15 years,” stated Vesna Stojanović, Director of dm drogerie markt Serbia and Macedonia.

As a socially responsible company, dm is one of the initiators of dual education in Serbia, and has been actively involved in this project in partnership with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, educational institutions and other participating companies since 2016. In addition to offering 25 apprenticeships in dm stores across Serbia, the company also introduced the concept in its logistics sector. By following this program and investing in employee development, dm aims to embrace the latest work trends.

“Besides offering a rich, quality assortment and processional services for our customers, our attention is focused on providing support for our employees. This includes attractive pay packages, overtime pay, free heath checks and various courses and career development plans. We want to ensure that both our customers and our employees are fully satisfied and able to achieve their full potential, “ stated Alexandra Olivera Korichi, Director of dm drogerie markt Serbia and Macedonia.


dm follows the principles of corporate responsibility through numerous initiatives and activities. To support local suppliers, the company launched a new project, “dm inkubator”, in partnership with RAS, USAID and Serbia Organica. The projects aims to help domestic suppliers to develop innovative products and market them in dm stores in Serbia, as well as in other European countries.

dm also takes pride in its loyalty program, "dm babybonus". As part of the project, the company and its partners will offer welcome packages for every registered newborn baby. The total package value will exceed 38 million RSD.


Besides the above mentioned activities, dm also supports the famous local initiative “Čepom do osmeha” (Corks for a Cause), aimed at children with disabilities and developmental disorders, and has collected more than 30 tonnes of corks so far.

Aiming to promote the prevention of spinal cord injury that results from labor-intensive work, the company has launched a project “Ambasadori zdravlja” (Health ambassadors) for employees at its stores and Distribution center.

dm also encourages its employees to volunteer and make a positive impact on their communities. To that end, the company offers its workers a free day to take part in humanitarian and ecological projects.


This year, dm Serbia will also host its first "Family Day" - an opportunity for its employees to bond and spend quality time with their colleagues and loved ones. The celebration will include numerous sports and outdoor activities that promote team spirit.


dm is one of the leading drugstore chains in Europe, operating more than 3,566 stores in 13 countries: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Romania. The company has more than 61,721 employees.

Its main competitors in the region are the local and international health and beauty chains Lilly, Douglas, Muller, Jasmin and BIPA.

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