January 30, 2018

Maja C.

International Marketing Manager

Cineplexx was founded in 1967 and today operates 44 multiplexes and 6 traditional cinemas with a total of more than 300 cinema screens in Austria, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Greece and Italy. In 2017, the company’s working force included 1,500 employees, the overall turnover amounted to 140 million euros and the number of Cineplexx visitors reached 12,0 million. More information is available at

The film distributor Constantin Film Holding GmbH was founded in Austria in 1951. A second mainstay was created at the end of the 1960's in the segment of cine operations. In this segment, 25 traditional cinemas and cinema centres were operated until the beginning of the 1990's and, following a structural change, the Cineplexx Cine Operations GmbH, a subsidiary company of the Constantin Film Holding GmbH, was founded in 1993. The business developed during a time when many traditional cinemas in Austria were disappearing and multiplex movie theatres were conquering the market. Constantin Film reacted to this trend by establishing a group of 19 cinemas and 153 screens in Austria. Additionally, traditional movie theatres with up to 18 halls existed.

In 2009, the Cineplexx INTERNATIONAL GmbH started expanding to Austria's neighbouring countries and the first cinema outside Austria was opened in Bolzano, South Tyrol. Cineplexx also took over a cinema in Zagreb’s city centre, thus laying the foundation for expansion into Croatia. Further Cineplexx cinemas followed since 2011 in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. In 2013 Cineplexx established its first five multiplex movie theatres in Slovenia and the first seven-hall cinema in Albania. In Spring 2014 Cineplexx opened the biggest cinema in Serbia (Usce Shopping Center, Belgrade, with 11 halls and over 2.000 seats). The last expansion took place in December 2018 with the opening of a second cinema in QTU Tirana, Albania.

Three years after its market entry in Kosovo the leading Austrian cinema operator Cineplexx has opened a brand new multiplex in Prizren. 

by Retail SEE Group - November 20, 2019

Cineplexx, the strongest cinema chain in South East Europe, opened its most advanced cinema in northern Romania on the 12th of September. 

by Retail SEE Group - September 26, 2019

Cineplexx, the strongest cinema chain in South Eastern Europe, is building a brand-new multiplex cinema in Prizren due to open this October. 

by Retail SEE Group - August 1, 2019

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