Real film Cars


by Nevena Kostic / August 10, 2018

With the rising importance of entertainment within shopping centers in order to attract visitors, Polish based company Real Film Cars is expanding its services across Central and South East Europe. Real Film Cars is bringing an opportunity for shopping centers to showcase in their indoor and outdoor spaces a wide selection of cars and robots featured in popular Hollywood movies.

The cars and robots have proven to be a huge success for increasing footfall in malls in Poland, Hungary and most recently in Romania. Now due to the increase of shopping center developments in the South East Europe region, the company is expanding its services to Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.

“Shopping centers that want to continue to surprise their visitors need to be offering them an experience, something to make them feel good about spending money there. This display of cars makes it impossible for children and adults to walk by and not to react”, stated Julian Sumo, Director of Real Film Cars.

Creative entertainment solutions, such as the display of cars and robots, are also increasing shopping centers social media exposure.

“Seeing the cars and robots is just as good or even better than seeing a famous Hollywood character. Everybody loves taking pictures with them and posting them on social media. Many of the cars have open doors which means children can go inside and play. The Robots are realistic, large, made of real metal and some of them weigh over 500 kg. We are also in the process of creating a whole film motorbike collection ( Ghostrider, Indiana Jones, Tom Cruise and others )”, Mr Sumo added.

Creating “great experiences” has become a new focus of shopping centers in competitive markets worldwide. With the rise of retail property developments across South East Europe, we are simultaneously seeing an increase in gastronomy, entertainment and leisure tenants within malls.

Even retail projects that lack entertainment tenants, are increasingly implementing creative entertainment formats in hallways and outdoor areas in order to attract visitors and increase footfall.

Footfall is known in the industry as the bread and butter for shopping centers, as it is directly linked to overall store sales. Creative entertainment solutions, such as the showcase of cars and robots within shopping centers, can effectively increase footfall, social media exposure and visitor satisfaction without the need for large investments.

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