Wednesday, July 1, 2020
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Balfin Group Launches a New Online platform in Albania

Balfin Group, one of the largest private investment groups southeast Europe region, has launched an e-commerce platform Aladini, which aims to narrow the gap between physical and online retail in Albania.

The new platform aims to transform the way Albanians shop by allowing them to access over 20,000 products in one place. Through Aladini, customers can purchase a variety of fashion, personal care, baby home, electronics, and other products with just a few clicks on their smartphones.

The platform is easy to use and enables customers to order items by phone, without filling in registration forms or entering their credit card details. Additional benefits include express delivery (3 hours for deliveries in Tirana) and the right to return orders within 14 days.


With this new project, Balfin Group intends to position itself as a bridge between traditional retail and a new digital business model. According to its website, the company has spotted a gap in the market for easy and convenient online shopping. Currently, only 6,000 Albanians shop online daily, and most find it costly to order goods from abroad. For companies offering online services, the most significant challenges are lack of industry experience and the high investment costs for the development of supporting infrastructure.

In 2018, Balfin Group acquired DyqanTaxi, the largest online retailer in Albania, which has been rebranded as Aladini. The established reputation of DyqanTaxi, combined with Balfin Group’s extensive retail experience, has enabled the creation of a successful shopping platform providing value for both retailers and consumers.

Learn more about the Aladini online platform HERE.

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