About Us

Retail SEE Group, is an online business portal dedicated to the retail investment market in Central and South East Europe.

The website provides weekly retail market news and listings of commercial properties, franchise offers, corporate networking events and companies in order to promote business opportunities across the region.

The aim of the website is to use current market information, marketing and online networking tools to bring together the local and global retail business community.

Launched in 2013, today Retail SEE Group has over 2500 subscribers, consisting of international and regional retailers, investors, developers, property managers, consultants and a vast range of business service providers.

Operating as a membership based website, Retail SEE Group ensures that information is shared to a selected target audience, which makes it a valuable, effective and cost efficient marketing platform for retail and real estate businesses.

Most importantly Retail SEE Group is a networking tool, allowing its members to directly connect with listed property owners, franchisers, corporate event organizers and companies by the use of the online messaging system.

The success of Retail SEE Group lies in its members, which are leading real estate and retail companies presented throughout the pages of the website.

Nevena Kostic

Founder/Director of Retail SEE Group

“By combining online news, marketing and networking tools we have become the no.1 website for international retail professionals seeking to expand in Central and South East Europe. Our mission now is to continue to grow our business network and present new innovative online business solutions.”

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