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About Us

Retail SEE Group is the first independent company dedicated to researching the retail investment market in South East Europe. With a mission to assist retail professionals to gain knowledge about the market and expand business opportunities, we have developed a unique online platform that serves as an all in one news portal, market research tool and business network.

Retail SEE Group provides its members with the latest industry news on existing and future retail developments and information on retailer expansion plans in South East Europe. By collaborating daily with the key industry players we are able to collect current, accurate and relevant information valuable to the international and regional retail business community. Our online service tools facilitate market research by allowing members to filter collected data through a variety of categories and key words.

Besides information, Retail SEE Group gives retail professionals an opportunity to increase their visibility in the market by allowing them to create profiles and to connect with potential clients and partners throughout the region by using our online networking system. Becoming part of the Retail SEE Group network, retail professionals are able to expand their business contacts and promote their projects and activities to a valuable target audience.

Through our virtual network we are breaking down borders and making it easier to gain a clearer understanding of the collective retail market in South East Europe. Retail SEE Group is the future way of doing business and to experience all the benefits of having relevant information and contacts right at your fingertips we invite you to join us for a 15 day free trial.